ABComplete Bird Proofing

Starlings and Sparrows Bird Proofing Methods


Netting is the most popular form of bird control. It comes in 3 colours; black, stone and translucent. They can be placed at any angle and protect all sizes of area. When correctly installed a net can last for 10-15 years. The netting comes in a range of sizes, the size of the netting depends of the variety of bird that is to be controlled. It is a professional task as any mistakes can render the net ineffective.


Spikes are usually put along ledges, lighting and signs to prevent birds from perching or roosting. They mean that there is less area for the bird to land. They are humane as the birds never come into contact with the spikes, which means they are often recommended for garden use by the RSPB. They can last for 5 or more years.


Wires are a less-aggressive looking form of control. Placed on window sills or ledges which prevent birds from finding potential feeding sites or areas to perch. They are very discreet and can protect for many years.

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