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Difenacoum Whole Wheat

Contains 0.005% difenacoum. For use against rats & mice, indoors and outdoors. Romax is formulated using high quality food grade whole wheat, blended with feeding enhancers and adjuvants to improve palatability. The wheat is also treated to prevent germination which increases the quaity life of the product without affecting it’s palatability.

Difenacoum Whole Wheat in 100g Sachets

Contains 0.005% difenacoum. The sachets do not need to be opened as the rodents will eat through the packaging material. Sachets can be sold individually.

Mouse DP

Contains 0.005% w/w difenacoum. Romax mouse is a high calorie bait which has been specially formulated to try and control problem mice infestations - based on a mixture of oils and attractive food bases such as peanut butter (artificial flavouring for nut-free environments). Product can be applied using a caulking gun directly into a suitable container (such as a plastic mouse bait box).

Mouse DP Sachets

Contains 0.005% w/w difenacoum in a pre-dosed ‘sachet’ format. Sachets can be spiked onto bars in plastic bait stations or suitably and safely weighted under protective covers (slate, board etc).

Contains a preservative reducing the smell of dead rodents.

D Bait Blocks

Contains 0.005% difenacoum. 5Kg Highly palatable extruded blocks, the design offers multiple ledges to encourage rodents to gnaw. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Romax D bait blocks is cleared for both Professional and amateur use. Romax Blocks have been specially formulated for the Agricultural and Retail markets.